The Pyramids of Giza

Honestly I feel like they’re the WAKANDA OF THE REAL WORLD many centuries ago.

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my entire life (as of the moment). I was just blown away by the history and architecture of the triangular building in the middle of the desert. Definitely one of the 7 wonders of the world.

You just can’t help to wonder how they made it. I’m actually the same size in height with one block and there’s a ton of blocks on top of each other. There are just so many mysteries and questions that even Egyptologist cant really answer. There are just a lot of theories.

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Taichung in a Day

I’ve been to Taiwan so many times since I was a kid. I’d always visit my Angkong (Grandpa) and Ama (Grandma) all the time. But the thing is I barely see Taiwan. I was always crammed up in my relatives’ house in Linkou, which is an hour away from Taipei. That is why I decided to do a quick visit to Taiwan and see some sights that I don’t usually see whenever I visit. So I went to Taichung.

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Beautiful Petra

Can I just say how this was in my Bucket list literally last 2016 and I just couldn’t believe I actually went there last December of 2017. Of course it’s for work but hey! I went there and it’s just all too surreal for me. 1st off, Let me start by telling you something about Petra that I learned from the internet because I was too busy tending to my group whilst being amazed and taking photos at the same time.  Continue reading “Beautiful Petra”

A Day in Kyoto

I have been to Kyoto 2x before this trip and I still get to see new places and experience new things each time I visit. Kyoto is always a must visit when you come to the Kansai Area since it’s Japan’s old capital. Most of the important shrines and temple are in the area.

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Staying at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Thank You ITB Asia for hosting my stay in this luxurious hotel for 4 Days. In return I need to work my ass off for 3 days! Well that’s the travel agent’s life for you but anyway let get back to the topic.

Marina Bay Sands has been a dream for most people. It is a luxury to stay in such hotel and because of this it gave me very high expectations for the hotel. So here are my thoughts from Service, Bedding Situation, Amenities, Location, and so on.

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People Watching in Paris

Being a Creeper by the River.

While I was in the Seine River Cruise in Paris. I couldn’t help to people watch for most of my time cruising. It really peaked my interest on how people spend their time by the river. It’s also somewhat a peek into what people are doing in their daily lives in Paris. It’s also just interesting that they could just seat there and enjoy the river or the company of their friends, lovers or family.

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Morrocan Styled Hotel in Khaosan Road

Dewan Hotel

For our last day in Bangkok we’ve decided to treat ourself and not stay in a hostel or guesthouse. Maryan ended up getting this beautiful Moroccan Styled hotel. Which for some odd reason I don’t have enough pictures for this post to justify how pretty it is.

So here are some photos that might entice you to try this hotel on your next trip to Bangkok

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