Staying at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Thank You ITB Asia for hosting my stay in this luxurious hotel for 4 Days. In return I need to work my ass off for 3 days! Well that’s the travel agent’s life for you but anyway let get back to the topic.

Marina Bay Sands has been a dream for most people. It is a luxury to stay in such hotel and because of this it gave me very high expectations for the hotel. So here are my thoughts from Service, Bedding Situation, Amenities, Location, and so on.

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People Watching in Paris

Being a Creeper by the River.

While I was in the Seine River Cruise in Paris. I couldn’t help to people watch for most of my time cruising. It really peaked my interest on how people spend their time by the river. It’s also somewhat a peek into what people are doing in their daily lives in Paris. It’s also just interesting that they could just seat there and enjoy the river or the company of their friends, lovers or family.

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Morrocan Styled Hotel in Khaosan Road

Dewan Hotel

For our last day in Bangkok we’ve decided to treat ourself and not stay in a hostel or guesthouse. Maryan ended up getting this beautiful Moroccan Styled hotel. Which for some odd reason I don’t have enough pictures for this post to justify how pretty it is.

So here are some photos that might entice you to try this hotel on your next trip to Bangkok

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The Avatar Dream became Real


I remember seeing a documentary in TV about where the movie Avatar was inspired and was just amazed. The place was just magical and unreal. I pretty much thought that going to that place would be impossible and hard. I gave up on that dream the minute i felt like there’s no way i’ll be able to go there.

Years passed and my mom asked me to make a flyer about some tours that they’re gonna feature and lo and behold there’s actually an Avatar tour going to the location and the whole thing! It’s actually in China and very accessible. Then after another maybe 3 or 4 years. I was working for my mom’s travel agency and we got invited to the place and mom decided that I should go! Continue reading “The Avatar Dream became Real”

Boxpackers Experience: Bangkok

Me and Maryan went on a little adventure in Bangkok, We tried to keep it budget as possible so we settled trying Boxpackers not just because it’s pocket friendly but also because we wanna experience it. So here it is. I will break it down to Location, Sleeping Circumstance, Amenities, Bathrooms, Breakfast, Pros and Cons, and finally conclusions. Continue reading “Boxpackers Experience: Bangkok”