Bato Spring

The need to get away from the deadlines, escalations, rush and demands of our clients is real. Me and my co-workers is in dire need to find a place to take off our stress and strained creative juices that aren’t working anymore. We manage to stumble upon this area in Laguna. A 3-hour drive away from manila!


This place is beautiful and peaceful. It has various man-made waterfalls that can massage your body from it’s pressure. The water is cold and fresh. Some people might think it’s too cold and would get chills all the time whenever their in the water but I loved it. I love swimming in cold water, it’s refreshing and cool.


Aside the awesome places to swim in, there are also awesome views where you can take unlimited photos. there are trails and a quiet river to dip your feet in. it’s truly a haven away from home.

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