Korea for A While


Last summer after traveling to Vietnam I went to Korea with my family. It was my first time there and I must say Korea is pretty damn awesome. Even if it has been one of the most advance country in terms of technology their culture can still be seen in various places. Their palaces, gates and temples are well kept even statues for their heroes. I see how much they respect the place.


From what I’ve learned from the tour guide, A lot of places in Korea has an individual meaning that I am very much curious about. The trip was short and consisted more shopping and touristy stuff that would mostly cater to the younger or kids most probably (4-15 years old).


Korean Food is not my favorite, it’s actually not in my top 10 but I do like their KBBQ and street foods, other than that, it’s all meh. Plus I didn’t understand it. It’s all weird and raw and fresh.


Never the less, I’d like to come back someday and explore places on my own pace. I’d like to see more culture and history. Korea is beautiful and I can’t argue with that.

Some of my take aways from the Korea trip:

  • It’s beautiful, The people are really pretty too. I barely see someone obese anywhere, I bet you that I was the fattest person there.
  • The water or something will make you feel absolutely beautiful.
  • If you like spicy sour foods, you’d like Korean food.
  • The shops are mostly skin care products. You can buy the ones that originate from Korea cheaper like Nature Republic, The Face Shop and etc.
  • They speak mandarin, which is really helpful.

I don’t have much to say about Korea since the trip was a while back so I can’t remember much from it. Also I just got off work and my mind is barely awake through out this post.

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