2 places to see the San Diego Skyline.

One of the things I like doing when I’m in a foreign place is to see it’s skyline. It’s always on top of my bucket list and I’d ask anyone to take me to that place. I would love to see a bird’s eye view of every city I would visit and San Diego is not an exception. So here are some of the places I visited where I can see the city’s Skyline, Buildings and Everything.

Cabrillo National Monument


This place is not only a great place for a skyline. It’s also a place to learn. This place commemorates the landing of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo at San Diego Bay. You can learn more about him when you visit the place.

Coronado Beach



This beach will show you the city buildings whilst you relax by the beach. I love how relaxing this place is. I would jog here and just chill afterwards. There are also different places to eat in.

I wished I saw them during sundown tho, City lights are one of my favorite sceneries.



  • Teesh
    3 years ago

    Your photos are exquisite!

  • Teesh
    3 years ago

    Your photos are exquisite!

    • Frances
      3 years ago

      Thanks! love your website design <3

  • Frances
    3 years ago

    Thanks! love your website design <3

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