π Breakfast and Pies

An all day pie and breakfast shop right in the center of Maginhawa St. just around Teacher’s Village, okay. I kinda suck at telling directions so here’s a link to their Facebook instead.

This is actually my 2nd time going there and my opinion remains the same. The food was good and the pie was great! For some reason we always go here when we have a low appetite, So I always share my food with the person I’m with.


For our first visit we ordered a BLTE ( Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Egg, Siracha, Egg Muffin and spiced shoestring potato fries ) for P255It’s has a good taste to it and I couldn’t stop eating it. No shame that I had taken more than half of the sandwich. We also ordered Banana Cream Pie for P105 and It’s like the banofee pie at starbucks but better, I can’t find a photo from my gallery though.

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On our second visit we ordered an Eggs Benny for 275 and sadly it wasn’t the eggs benny I expected. I was expecting too much, the only comment was that I wish there were more Hollandaise Sauce. The other bread was also a bit sour already so I didn’t finish eating it. other than that it would’ve been great. This time around we ordered Crème brûlée for P95 and It was good too, I do hope there was more of that crystal crust so it’ll have more texture.

Over all this is a good place to hang out and chill with your friends, It’s a new place to hang out and just catch up! I want to try more of their pies too!



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