A Knots Berry Hot Cocoa

We went to knots berry farm and it was a let down. It was a let down not because the rides aren’t awesome, not because it’s boring. It’s a let down because of the line. I gotta admit it was our fault for waking up late and deciding to go there around 11-ish. I admit that it wrong.dsc_1018

I just got to ride one ride and it’s not even intense. I promised after that ride I would walk around and take pictures because you know. experience first after photos but you see after that one one minute ride, it was already 7:00pm and it sucked, it sucked so much.dsc_1071

Since we didn’t get in much rides the highlight of this trip is pretty much the hot damn chocolate Starbucks serve in here. It’s different from the outside and it’s pretty too!

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