Blending in to get in.

Last year of summer 2015 in Vietnam, Me and Gio decided to stroll around Ho Chi Minh and see what other things the city has to offer, We even have a map to see where the tourist attractions are located, We decided to go to the Reunification Palace.

As we go near the gates we see that they were only partly open, There were also a group of old Chinese tourist by it. We automatically realized that they are in a tour and there might be a ticket we need to pay for the entrance to the museum. But you see me and Gio are kinda cheap. So we decided to just blend it, How hard is it to blend in with old Chinese dudes wearing same black shirts. I was wearing a bright neon pink and Gio wore gray. we don’t exactly look chinese either.

We slide in with them, walking casually playing it cool and when we were far enough we decided to move away from the group before their tourist guide notices to weird people tailgating them but sadly we were caught right then and there by the guard who was maybe eyeing us from the start. We just told him we didn’t know and left. We never saw the inside of the palace.

This is of course wrong and horrible and it was just a spontaneous decision that friends do on a daily basis. I highly recommend visiting this place when you visit Saigon.

Disclaimer: Photo above is not mine.

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