New Years in LA

When I was a kid till last 4 years ago we usually spend our new years with our relatives here in the Philippines. We all gather in my lola’s (grandmother’s) house and have a big reunion but ever since she passed we basically went our own way, So for us we decided to spend our New Years in different places. We visit our relatives outside the country and experience it a way they do and for this year we chose LA

New Year’s Eve was warm and cozy! We even made smores outside even tho the weather doesn’t seem to agree. god it’s freezing in LA this winter. The only sad thing is we didn’t get to have fireworks. As a Filipino fireworks is a must in the New Years. I don’t even need to start one up, Just to see the sky sparkle with dancing lights is enough. Nevertheless New Year’s Eve was warm and heartwarming. It’s a good way to greet 2016.


For New Year (January 1, 2016) We decided to go to The Annual Rose Parade to fully experience the LA New Year. We had to wake up early despite sleeping late last night. There were alot of people expected in this parade, there are even people who slept on the roads so they can be there earlier than other people, We got to our destination 3hours before the parade actually started. We were cold and tired, honestly all I wanted to do was to go home and sleep all day but I’m happy I didn’t because the parade was Beautiful and Full of energy! You can really how much effort and work they put into the floats.ny8


I’m really grateful I’m able to experience this first hand. It was a great event and and a good time to anticipate such a creativity. It’s also a good time to cheer for the pooper scoopers! I wonder where are we headed to next year.



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