Why do I keep coming back to Taiwan?

If there’s one place where I could go over and over again that would be Taiwan, You might wonder why since it’s not a big touristy place or a place where English can be heard in an everyday basis plus some of it’s street signs are still in Chinese. Well I can tell you about 5 reasons why I love Taiwan and why I would keep going here over and over again.

  1. Family
    Haha, Okay this is self explained. so yeah most of my dad’s primary family had already migrated to taiwan and my baby cousins (I’m the eldest so everyone’s my baby to me) are everything. plus I got free lodging although I dont mind staying in a hostel somewhere in Taiwan.
  2. Food (Duh)
    The food is to die for and not just those fancy food but mostly the street food. The expensive foods here in the Philippines are meerly street foods in Taiwan which makes everything more yummy. Chicken Pops/Chops/Popcorn or the Big Chicken form Hot Star are only 60nt there, Milk Tea also orginated from here. There is only one size for most milk tea shops and it’s a large, it will cost you around 40-70nt and it’s great. maybe I should post a separate blog for this tho. (also 7/11 is great… I really should post another food segment.)
  3. Peace
    Taiwan is a peaceful country with good people, it’s a place where you can breathe and just relax. Unless you’re on your phone 24/7 beating yourself up. Sometimes learn to let go, It’s a place where you can find a place where you can just sit and breathe. You can even breathe well with the garbage truck beside you. It’s clean and peaceful. You can finally sleep in peace without flies buzzing around or mosquitoes biting you.
  4. Nature
    This kinda goes in line with peace, Taiwan has a lot of parks where most of the elderly spend their time in. Their park is Big and just wow. It might not be as big as Central Park but it’s enough to fill the country with trees even within the city. Taiwan also features a lot of flower fields and even Cherry blossoms every spring on their cold high places. They are also rich in ocean resources. They have fresh seafoods even on their street foods. (here we go again with food)
  5. Something Different and Safe at the same time.
    It’s a place where you can get lost, I mean yeah you might literally get lost, lucky I know just enough Chinese to get by. But when you get lost it’s just okay. It’s where you can find something different and well you’ll find your way to your hotel with the use of the hotel calling card you should’ve took before heading out. One of the things I brag about taiwan is it’s 2nd to Japan for being the safest country in the world. People just leave their motorcycles with their groceries and keys in it.

There are many more reasons why I love to go back to Taiwan again and again but I think this is enough. Some I can’t put into words, Some are personal.

p.s. It’s the first country I’ve ever went to, I was 2 years old

p.p.s. It’s where my parents met and got married



  • April ♡
    3 years ago

    “The expensive foods here in the Philippines are merely street foods in Taiwan..” </3
    Aabangan ko post mo about sa pagkain hahaha!

  • April ♡
    3 years ago

    “The expensive foods here in the Philippines are merely street foods in Taiwan..” </3
    Aabangan ko post mo about sa pagkain hahaha!

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