A Short Taiwan Experience

The Company I recently work in had gave us a trip to Taiwan both for business and leisure. So this is your yearly trip when you’re in a travel agency and I ain’t complainin. It was a short trip where we could see touristy places and learn how to sell them.

Day 1 : A Good Morning to familiar and New Places

We started our day by eating our breakfast, there were a bunch of asian breakfast prepared for us but I settled for coffee, bread, jam and butter. I’d even got some eggs when I’m feeling it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do think that the Re’lite hotel has good food but my tummy is quite picky early in the morning and it wasn’t used to asian breakfast cuisines. “Filipino Breakfast is an exception also I think we’re Pacific Islanders I’m not really sure. I can’t comment much on this but you get the deal”

After eating our transfer still haven’t arrived yet so we decided to stroll around the area including Ximending since it’s just a few minutes walk from the hotel. We have a friend who lived there talk us through Ximending. He told us which hotel’s which and what’s what. We saw the famous Toilet Restaurant and checked out different stores in Ximending this one intrigued me the most tho.

After a 30min walk around the area and eating some of those bao’s, We went back and start our day trip! We used cars so I can’t exactly explain how we got there or how to go there series but we start off by going to Toucheng Leisure Farm and to get there we also went through a long tunnel which is apparently one of the longest in the world I actually got bored in that tunnel. Also It’s called Hsuehshan Tunnel. It’s 8mi in distance.

Firs Stop: Toucheng Leisure Farm

When we got to Toucheng Leisure Farm, we were welcomed by the trees and a dog! It’s a cute dog that knows how to please people. It’s so cute and adorable too. Sadly we weren’t able to get in since it’s too pricy for our company’s budget but we did had fun on what we can access, The trees and simple scenery is enough to relax your mind and soul. Plus the dog is extra helpful!

After the farm, We went and tried looking for a place to eat, nothing fancy just a place with chairs, table and hot soup is fine. We eventually found this place which served soup and mixed meats and vegetables you won’t be able to find in the Philippines and it was all delish!

The next stop is not really part of the tour it’s more of a “Wow,look at that let’s stop for a while” kind of tour. It’s a pretty view with violent waves and I am in awe i can stand there freezing to death and I wouldn’t care.

We were planning to go to Yanmingshan but it was too gloomy and too late in the afternoon so we decided to pass by Taiwan 101 and Go back to the hotel to chill out.


We got to our hotel safe and sound then my mom decided we should go to Carefour, It’s a grocery store kinda similar to Target or Wallmart but smaller. It’s where the local shop for their daily needs like food/electronics/anything. Of course I didn’t document this because I just shopped for some goods that I can give for “Pasalubongs” after that we walked directly to Ximending again to eat and shop around!


I honestly had no phone or camera at this moment, I just snag my sister’s phone and took some photos and asked her to send them my day later that night. Ximending is totally different at night and at the morning. There’s more people and vendors. There’s also more street food which any of you would want to try. Around 11pm I left the place with no shopping bags and a barbecue on my hand and I’m still happy.

Day 2 : Monument and Bridge plus some more shopping around.

Early in the morning, well not that early. around 8-ish in the morning we woke up and ate our breakfast, I ate my usual coffee and bread combo because I still don’t feel like eating asian style.

First Stop: Chiang Kai Shek Monument

Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen fled to Taiwan after losing a battle with Mao Ze Dong and after that they led Taiwan… Okay, that’s all I can remember from my Chinese history class. Basta he’s pretty important. So Taiwan gave him his own monument. It actually has a museum where you can learn more about Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Shek’s adventure in China and their life story or you can just google it.

Second Stop: Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

We were suppose to go to Yangmingshan but the police blocked the road, You might be wondering why the hell are we this persistent to go there since yesterday. It’s because there are cherry blossoms there and we are ecstatic to see one. So anyway being the road close we decided to go to Tamsui instead. It’s a bit farther than Yangminshan but waze got us through. It was a place for lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends and it was a scenic place where you can just chill and see the ocean at the same time.

It even has this very cozy vibe in it. It’s kinda romantic to have cute photos and be all sweet cheezy. but honestly there’s really nothing much to see. but there are also those cute wooden plates where you can write messages to your love ones.

After doing this we went to cheap stores and haggled our way through, I still went home with no shopping bags while holding a drink! which I loved. After that we went to church then went back to the hotel.

I would talk about the 3rd day but chose not too since we just got our stuffed packed ate breakfast and went home. and OMG we also got to see a cherry blossom in Linkou after we brought back my uncle and angkong’s cars.

My take aways from this trip are:

  1. You don’t have to go to Japan for these pretty cherry blossoms.
  2. Learning Chinese when you were a kid pays off
  3. Taiwan is where you want to be when you need to just stop for a while and let your mind wander somewhere else.
  4. Eva Air still has good food.
  5. I’ll never get tired of taiwan.
  6. I still have a lot of exploring to do in Taiwan
  7. This kind of tour is kinda rushed and not my usual cup of tea.

I have also blogged about my stay in Re’lite hotel and my flight with Eva Air.



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