Museum Cafe, Makati

Me and my friend Maryan is going to Thailand this coming June therefor planning our trip together was the main highlight of the evening. Maryan lives at the southern part of Metro Manila, Cavite. I’d like to call it a province but she firmly says it’s not. Meanwhile I live in the northern part of Metro Manila, Quezon City. So we’ve decided to meet halfway and we’ve decided on Makati. She found this Museum Cafe online and we’ve decided to meet there mainly because of the free wifi.

Only knowing that it’s called Museum Cafe got me expecting some serious artsy cafe but it’s not. It’s just a cafe beside the museum. I was slightly disappointed but the Mcafe did not fail to still impress me. The interior is really pretty, the mood of the cafe changes from day to night. (yeah, I’ve waited a while for her that I actually saw the mood of the restaurant change.) 

The Atmosphere(s)

During the day it’s a peaceful place where you can chat with people while you eat. It has great outdoor lighting passing through the windows and a fancy but homey ambiance. Around noon (5-7pm) it becomes a fancy restaurant with a somewhat romantic and friendly atmosphere, the natural light is long gone and the beautiful dim lights comes to play. By  8pm, Lights are suddenly flashing and it suddenly becomes a fancy bar. pretty cool concept actually.


Note: The time I’ve stated above is just estimated, I really don’t know what the scheduled time for each ambiance.

The Food

The food was different and good, It was surprisingly cheaper than what I’ve expected, well it’s still not cheap but I did expect paying for Php 1,500.00+ when the bill came. Anyway the food I believe is a fusion between Filipino and Thailand/Asian.

  1. Grilled Cilantro Chicken Fresh Spring Rolls, 295
    Sambal Peanut Dip with Asian Herbs, Root Vegetables and Pickled Radish


    Spring Rolls!

    I’m really not that into Spring rolls, so for a non-spring roll lover to actually eat more than one piece says a lot. It’s really refreshing and it also has a hint of that Vietnam taste, The other interesting thing in this spring rolls is that it has a little bit of bagoong in it and you won’t even taste it on your first try. Or maybe I’m just hungry on the first bite.

  2. Char Grilled Sambal Dorade on a Grill, 375
    Lobster Cropek, Crispy Dilis and Peanuts, Cucumber Herb Salad and HouseMade Sambal


    Up to this dish we still have no idea what sambat is but still ordered it. (It’s kinda like bagoong, I googled it.)

    Let me start of with the different parts of this meal since it’s that good since i’m gonna point out each and every part of it.

    The Peanuts, At first you might see them as ordinary peanuts but when you’ve tasted them it’s completely different. It has this powder that seems to taste like Asia (I know, I suck at this describing thing, just bear with me) It’s quite addicting and very flavorful.

    The Fish, It was so soft and not dry at all. It’s also very flavorful. It also matches with the Dilis giving it the right amount of salt.

    The Salad, It’s mainly cucumber and sauce. This gives you a break when you’re eating too much goodness, it’s a refreshing salad that would somehow cleanse your pallet just a little.

  3. Mango Sticky Rice, 195
    Fresh Ripe Mango, Chilled Coconut Cream, Burnt Coconut
    I asked for this since we’re planning our trip to Thailand might as well have a Thailand type of dessert. It’s not actually mind boggling. It’s not to sweet and not bland either. I enjoyed the different texture but I can’t comment much on this since it’s my first time to ever try mango sticky rice. I did love that sago!

The Drinks

We started ordering around 6:30 pm which is apparently their happy hour and guess what. Their beers is buy 2+1 and mojitos will only cost you Php150.00 which will usually cost you around Php235.00

  1. Watermelon Mojito
    Pandan Infused Rum, Muddled Watermelon, Fresh Mint and Calamansi
    If you like strong, smooth and refreshing alcoholic drinks you’ll like this. Note that you also have to like watermelon to like this.
  2. Manga et Guava
    Freshly Blended Green mango, Guava Infused Vodka in a Martini Glass
    This is probably not my favorite but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s less strong than the watermelon mojito and you can taste more of the green mango and guava than the alcohol. Also pro tip: drink it a little bit faster because the blended ice would melt and it will overflow your glass.

The Staff

The Staff was accommodating and even gave me a bottle of water while I wait for Maryan. She also didn’t forced me to order off which is also nice. The man handling our food, who I think was the manager or something, He’s not really in a waiter uniform but more in a I’m not a waiter but I work here type of suit. He’s jolly and recommended some foods that we should try out. Mostly he recommended the drinks.

How to get there?

Going to Museum Cafe isn’t that hard, It’s located beside Ayala Museum in Greenbelt4.

Overall Museum Cafe was great. Yes, I would recommend it and yes I would come back again. I’d like to try some of their other dish and drinks or order that very same dish again. Also there’s free wifi!

I’ve also realized I have been to this cafe 2 years ago with some friends, we drank some awesome chocolaty tequila thing, I honestly don’t know what it’s called. It’s been 2 years and I can’t find it in the menu. The closest thing I could describe it is it’s a chocolate version of tequila rose, which is one of my faves

P.S. Apologies for my photos here because I know it sucks.



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