Travel Diary: Bohol Day 1

Hey Guys! I just got back from Tagbilaran, Bohol. This trip was not part of my places to go this year list. I hardly had anything that’s itching me to go there. But here I am writing about Bohol.


I went to Bohol with a budget in mind. I was going for a 3k trip. And Yes, I failed since I wanted more than what I can get. I flew in via Philippine Airlines early around 7 in the morning, trust me it wasn’t easy getting up at 5am. At around 10am I gots my feet land safely on the precious land of Bohol. It wasn’t my first time visiting Bohol so I was not expecting much from it but I was pleasantly surprised.


We then found our kuya driver to transfer us to our humble accommodation. We didn’t book anything grand just a simple  guesthouse, Villa Alzhun. That’s sitting by Tagbilaran with a view of the ocean.



View behind the Guest House

We then Lounged around and got some rest after a while we’ve then decided to start our adventure. The thing is since I’ve been enjoying normal commute whenever I travel, I’ve decided for the both of us to check out how to go to some of the places using buses and other forms of transportation in Bohol.

We went off and took a tricycle to Island City Mall where the Buses going to Carmen are located. So we took those to go to Tarsier Sanctuary which was actually closed now because of the hot weather. We’ve then decided to just go to the other one Tarsier Conservation.

First Stop was Tarsier Conservation Area




Getting There: We went off and took a tricycle to Island City Mall where the Buses going to Carmen are located. So we took those to go to Tarsier Conservationwhich was actually closed now because of the hot weather. We’ve then decided to just go to the other one.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 3.37.26 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-12 at 3.36.36 AM.png

Side Note: The trip with the bus was a different experience. It feels like the killer bus out here in Manila but this one is going up mountains and it was hella crazy, specially for ate Kay cuz the guy beside her isn’t smelling too good and gave her like a quarter of the whole chair. She got her hands and legs stretched out for support whilst the bus go crazy on thosebumos and turns up the mountain.

dsc_5716It was awesome to see them up close and personal again. They are cute and creatures. It’s also nice to see them not caged up. There are some guides that spots and follows them around. They are also the once that tells us there’s a tarsier hanging up on the tree. They were cute furry little creatures with long tails. They Big cute eyes.

Second Stop was the Sevilla Hanging Bridge


Getting There: To get to Sevilla Hanging Bridge we needed to take bus from the tarsier place to the Junction road then ride habal habal from the junction road to the hanging bridge. Make sure you ask your driver to wait for you because it’s quite hard getting a ride back. 3 people can actually fit one motorcycle, I was scared at first but it turned out okay.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 3.39.20 AM.png

Finally we arrived the bridge it was scary at first but after you get the hang of it you’d be fine running back and fort. The bridge does sway a lot and it’s made up of  Steel and Bamboo for support. There is nothing much to see on the other side other than the buko king and shops that are popular for having the cheapest pasalubong around. After buying all the pasalubong we need we then head back and road the habal habal back to the junction.


Arriving at the junction we then decided to head back because we were extremely tired and sleep deprived. We waited 30min for the next bus to come and again the experience is different it was a bigger bus but still it is  full of locals going through there normal life. Good thing we spotted some seats when we came in.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 3.52.40 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 3.53.57 AM.png

this is when I realized there was no way I’m going to do this again tomorrow. It’s just tiring plus the awful weather. Even if I know it’ll be easy peasy to do this commute stuff. I won’t. There’s just too much time spent on waiting for busses to pass




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  • Someday I’ll come back to this place.
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  • Always magical to be in your presence. 
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  • Not being afraid of heights is just a plus for this photo also please notice the beautiful houses in the background.

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  • Me setting up the timer and posing. Honestly thankful for having a jobi and remote for those alone times when i travel. Only concern in this photo is either me or the camera falling for our imminent death.

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  • Pretty sure im lost but when you’re in a new country you worry about that later. #travel #wander #travelpoland #travelwarsaw #warsaw #europe #traveleurope #barbikan