Thailanding with Maryan

Guess what! Guess What! I got a wish come true earlier this year. I onced dreamed of a trip to Thailand with my girlfriends. Sadly there was only 2 of us who confirmed but that ain’t raining on our parade! We still bought the tickets and planned our trip to Thailand! We went to Bangkok and Phuket for 7 Days! It was a one helluva trip

Our Trip Itinerary in a Nutshell

Day 0 – We had an evening flight with Philippine Airlines  to Bangkok. We landed there around 10pm. Bought the necessity sim card and headed our way via train and taxi to our Hostel, Boxpackers.

Day 1– Woke up early-ish for a temple run and unexpected art exhibit run. Plus a Heavenly Foot Massage to end the day with a bang.

Day 2 – We woke up kinda late since we slept at around 2am the night before. Rushed to fix our things and called a taxi. We almost got scammed but luckily I read about these scams online and firmly said No. We were already going late anyway. So We flew via Nok Air from Bangkok to Phuket. Checked in at Luna Beach Guesthouse then continued with our tour for Elephant Riding and ATV ride up to the big buddha then I went to church while Maryan explored more of Patong Beach.

Day 3 – Woke up really early to eat our breakfast then proceeded to our trip to the Phi Phi Islands! We sat in front of the yacht it was hot but totally worth it! We saw some monkeys, Got semi worried the yacht left us, Snorkeled till we cant snorkel anymore cuz we suck at swimming with fins on. We asked our Pakistani friends to stop feeding the fishes. Got my phone to swim cuz it was hot then it overheat. Checked out Patong Beach again.

Day 4 – We got our baggages ready because we’re heading back to Bangkok! We searched for our hotel long and hard. We ended up reaching it and it amazed us that it was such a good hotel. We ended up staying in a Moroccan themed hotel for our last day. We then roamed around Bangkok, Bought pasalubongs and clothes and all good things. We also got our first Padthai experience in Thailand in a Tuktuk plus a Full Body Thai Massage. 

Day 5 – We tried to check out the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Siriraj Medical Museum but the museum was closed so that’s a fail. Me and Maryan’s clothes aren’t allowed inside the Palace so that’s double fail. We ended up having our last stop at Khaosan Road and bought a lot of dresses and more pasalubongs before heading to the Airport.

This trip was honestly one for the books. It’s like a lot has happened in a matter of days! This is why traveling with your girlfriend at least once or more in your lifetime is highly recommended. No dramas just fun. We were just splurging and having fun with our stay.

Here are some take aways from my Thailand Trip.

  • People will scam you. They will and you won’t be able to escape this. I don’t know but I think People tried to scam us since our first taxi ride till our last day of temple hopping. So be sure to do your research about this and always listen to your intuition.
  • Thailand is just an amazing place to roam around in. It’s full of adventures and different types of shops where you can buy those Pajamas Pants in a cheaper price.
  • People are very friendly here. They really try to help you out even if you guys don’t speak the same language. But be careful for the others who pretends to be friendly.
  • The place is just full of possibilities shopping, arts, culture, adventure and food.



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  • These are lanterns for the ones who are not with us anymore. Dont take anyone for granted because we wont know when we’ll see them next or if we’ll ever see them again. 
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  • When life begins to suck just give everything a hard pass. 
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  • Honestly i miss the cold weather. Manila heat is deadly 🔥🔥🔥 #southkorea #southkoreafeed #namiisland #nami #travelsouthkorea #travelkorea #korea #travelwithskywin #nature #winter
  • Gyeongbok-gu palace is one of the most important and well known palace in South korea. It’s the largest during the jeoson dyasty!
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  • The lights are out and my tummy is ready to play! Always finding great surprises here in Everland! Make sure to check out the house in the middle of the tulip garden during this spring season! 
Thanks for the recommendation @whoruntheworldjerls  lol actually kinulit lang kita hahah

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  • Spring is my second favorite season. Sadly its not fully bloomed yet but it’s still really beautiful. #spring #cherryblossom #travel #koreaspring #sakura
  • Been taking my own photos during this trip. Probably one of the fall backs when you don’t have a friend to take your photos. Good thing i can use my phone as a remote. 
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  • Me being a commoner in a palace 
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