Brunch at Bag of Beans: Twin Lakes

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It’s another Bag of Beans Post. Wouldn’t have thought I’d be posting another one but someone took me to another Bag of Beans at Twin Lakes Tagaytay and we also ate something different from my first post. If you wanna check that out click here.

The difference here vs. the one I tried before was the interior. It was more of a washed out homey vibe while the one before was more of a warm homey feeling vibe. It’s also all white!

It was 10:30am and I’m in the mood for some good old brunch. I am famished and I’m ready to feast! I chose the breakfast sampler because of the full variety of food and how I just really want a piece of everything.

The Breakfast Sampler, P440.00
Two Eggs, Bacon Strip, Pork Sausagae, 2 Eggs, Hash brown, Fruits, and Buttermilk Pancakes 

The Food was delish. I loved the Juicy Pork Sausage, and how perfect the eggs are. The Hash brown was light and fluffy. The Bacon is good while the ham is okay i guess? (i’m not a big fan of hams). I also liked that they included fruits to balance out everything. And of course the pancakes was great!

Caffe Mocha, P130.00
The Hot Mocha was okay. It was too sweet for me if they took out a little bit of sugar and have more coffee in there it would’ve been better.


Porter House Steak, P505.00
Grilled Steak Seasoned to Perfection

My friend liked it and I didn’t. I’m not much of a fan of the smoked charcoaled taste it left behind. It’s also a bit chewy. The Mash Potatoes were okay and side veggies was good. Of course I cannot comment much since it was not my meal after all.

My friend on the other hand liked it and I was told that the meal was worth it. So I guess this was a good meal for it’s price



Would I go back here again?

Probably yes if ever I’m here in Tagaytay since usually Antonio’s always full this place is just as good place to have your brunch. This is just a cozy place to spend time and relax with your friends or family.

How to Reach them?

They have 3 Branches in Tagaytay that I know of. I have went to 2 of them including the one in this post. One is near Twin Lakes or Sonya’s Garden. Whilst the other one is Near the crossing which is their Main or Original Cafe/Restaurant.

Side Note: They also have one in Batangas and they are also soon to open at Marco Antonio Resort. So if you guys are near there you should definitely drop by and try their Breakfast Sampler and their sausages!!!

To know more about them or have reservations you could just open their facebook and website.



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