Boxpackers Experience: Bangkok

Me and Maryan went on a little adventure in Bangkok, We tried to keep it budget as possible so we settled trying Boxpackers not just because it’s pocket friendly but also because we wanna experience it. So here it is. I will break it down to Location, Sleeping Circumstance, Amenities, Bathrooms, Breakfast, Pros and Cons, and finally conclusions.


Of course location is definitely important when finding your sleeping location it’s important that it’s accessible and has a lot of shops near buy. For this Hostel if your priority is shopping this location is great. It’s also great that it’s near convenient stores and spa.

This is from the Boxpacker Site

Address: 39/3 Soi Petchburi15, Petchburi Road, Ratchthevee, Bangkok Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand
Contact: +66 2 656 2828
Price Rage: It Estimates around US$15 – US$40

How to get there from the Airport?

  • By Train: We went and hopped on the Airport Rail to Phayathai Station. We actually want to walk at first but then we did got to Bangkok at around midnight so we opted for a taxi.
  • By Taxi: You can just hop on to a taxi from the airport to your hotel but it’s gonna cost some. Maybe when there’s 4 of you that would be okay since you’ll be sharing the fare. Be sure to be vigilant and safe. Just to make sure you’re not scammed or something.

Sleeping Circumstances

This is actually my first time sleeping in a hostel with strangers in the room with you and it’s definitely different from a hotel where you have your own room.

We stayed at a room with 4 Boxes and it’s a Ladies Room. Me and Maryan got the bottom bunks while two other girls which were Malaysian got the top bunk which was great for me. Since I was always a bottom bunk type of girl. Even though we have 2 separate boxes. We also have access to each other’s boxes since there’s actually a sliding door inside so you can see your mate, there’s also a lock for some privacy.

Maryan’s Box while she does her make up. In this photo we had our box door open to each other. We were getting ready to leave.

The Box Space

As you can imagine you’ll only have that space inside your box. It’s actually enough to hold some things inside. I put my toiletries and make up bag out just for it to be ready on the go whenever I need to wash or need to put my make up on quickly.

There’s also a plug and light switch inside your box which is really quite convenient. I also like how when I get up I still get a lot of head space.

Security & Privacy

It’s actually somehow secure I guess? You have your own locker where you keep your belongings. You also get the keys for your lockers. The privacy though. You only have curtains to cover you. So privacy I’ll give it 7/10. Although that’s really what you expect with hostels.

Did I sleep well? Is the bed okay?

Yes! The bed was hella comfy! It was soft and I slept like a baby or I was just hella tired every time I get back from our adventures. I guess we were also lucky that we slept with people who doesn’t snore. Everyone was really quiet.


The bathroom was sharing with all the ladies in the house. So there’s 3 different showers. 2 Sinks and 2 or 3 Toilets (I can’t remember). Over all it was clean and manageable at least. It was a typical shower. The only thing i’m not used to is dressing up inside the cubicle. it’s just hard to dress up in a small area that’s also wet because you showered in it.


So they don’t have a pool or spa but they do have a pool table! Although not a lot of people really plays on it. It’s somehow the common room.

Was Breakfast Good?

Breakfast was good. It’s not great but it a good meal set. You can actually choose from the menu. Sorry I did not post any photos of the menu or like what their name is but I’ll post the photos of our breakfast. They also have free flowing Bread, Jams, Fruits, Cereal, Coffee, and Tea.

Boxpackers Breakfast

What are the things I liked about Boxpackers.

  • You can definitely save save money.
  • Breathable Boxes to sleep in.
  • It’s a good experience and it’s quirky.
  • Good Place to just talk to people although there’s not a lot but just that it’s easier to talk to some since you’re sharing one room.
  • Comfy soft bed. I swear it’s so comfy.
  • It’s definitely worth your money.

What are the things I’m not much of a fan of (I can’t complain because this is what I should expect since I’m in a hostel)

  • The fact that i couldn’t just have a fun chitchat with my friend in bed.
  • Just not being able to make much of a noise. So everytime I need to get my luggage from the locker I need to be extra quiet.

One thing I don’t like about Boxpackers.

  • The foot locker. I mean I like that you need to take off your shoes when going up the sleeping quarters because that’s how we do it in my house. But the smell of the lockers is just very disturbing.

I hope this helps you if you wanna dabble on hostels in Bangkok or if you wanna stay here. So just try it out yourself and tell me how your experience was cause mine was good. I liked it!



  • Mikki
    1 year ago

    Wow! I like the format of your review and the way you presented it. Nice one Frances!! Keep up the good work!

    • wheresfrances
      1 year ago

      Thanks mikki for the support ❤️ more blogs coming up!

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