Staying at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Thank You ITB Asia for hosting my stay in this luxurious hotel for 4 Days. In return I need to work my ass off for 3 days! Well that’s the travel agent’s life for you but anyway let get back to the topic.

Marina Bay Sands has been a dream for most people. It is a luxury to stay in such hotel and because of this it gave me very high expectations for the hotel. So here are my thoughts from Service, Bedding Situation, Amenities, Location, and so on.

The Room

The View

As I open my door and put the key card in. I was greeted by the window automatically opening up letting me see the amazing view. We had our room facing the city which was just beautiful. It’s a view that you could wake up to and say “yes, i’ll be productive today”. Definitely something I need for my convention.

View during the day

View during the Night

The Bed

I have a deluxe room with a King bed. I was quite disappointed they gave me 2 twin beds merged with each other. I was hoping I’d get one big King Bed as discussed by the concierge. They obviously took out the bed side table in the middle and moved it by the tv then weirdly put the phone on top of the bed? it was just really weird. But nonetheless the bed was very comfy.

The Bathroom

I actually expected more for the bathroom. I was actually thinking every room would have a bathtub but i guess deluxe doesn’t have one. But I am still expecting a lot for the shower. I wasn’t impressed since I’ve seen better once. Also there’s no bidet.

The Amenities

They have a fully stored fridge and a good amount of coffee. Their tea is TWG which was fancy of them. 

The office desk was also very spacious. Nothing very special but I do appreciate the amount of plugs it has.

Yes I know the room is messy lol. there was a lot of things given to us in the convention.

Pool Access

Of course we cannot forget about the pool on the top floor. Security there was pretty strict. So make sure you have your hotel card with you individually. You cannot use one key card for 2 persons. The place was really nice, the lounging chairs were very lounge-able. I really felt like i could sleep there forever. Really sucks that i had a cold. I couldn’t really enjoy the pool and I was too tired all day everyday.

There is also a really killer view of Garden’s by the bay on the Observation Deck.

View of Gardens by the Bay

How was the Service?

Checking in and Checking out

I would say upon checking in and checking out was easy breezy just remember to have your cash or card with you since you will be depositing SGD400.00 upon check in.

We were allowed to check in at the VIP Centre since we were delegates for ITB Asia. Everyone was very nice and accommodating. My comments are also the same with check out since we have our own check out counter also.

House Keeping

I would say that the housekeeping does a good job on cleaning the rooms but one thing is for sure is if you leave your table all messed up with wires they will not touch any of your belongings so don’t expect that someone would organize all you stuff for you.

Room Service

We actually asked for robes and extra toiletries since they give out so little. The problem is the Room Service was really slow to respond to our needs. We ended up waiting 10-15 minutes for it. I also asked for another extra robe and ended up not waiting for it anymore since i have other places to be.

Other things about the MBS

  1. They have a pretty awesome lobby, it’s also pretty big. I had to walk for a while to get to the expo area since I was in Tower 3.
  2. They have a shortcut to the Gardens by the Bay which is accessible from the hotel.

    This is the pathway going to gardens by the bay.

  3. They also connect to the mall and the mall connects to the Art and Science Museum.
  4. The mall also have a Rasapura which is a good place to have a meal in if you’re indecisive with what to get. They also have other fancy restaurants that you might enjoy.
  5. Shopping in MBS is no joke. They have a lot of shops for you to choose from.
  6. Location wise it’s a good place to be in. there’s a lot you can see already by just staying at the hotel. There is also direct access to the train if you need it.
  7. If you enter the taxi and say you’ll be staying in MBS you don’t have to have an address or calling card of the hotel since almost everyone in Singapore knows where MBS is.


  1. How was your overall stay?
    I’d say it was good and really near to the expo area which was certainly great because I could just go up in my room and take a nap when I’m done. The bed really did a good job for being comfy.
  2. What can you say about MBS?
    Honestly, I hope they could improve or renovate the rooms to be more up to date. I did say the rooms are very spacious but it was just not smart spacing. The interior is just not it’s best points i guess. Also the bathroom could get some upgrade since it’s a 5 star hotel a bidet might be nice or a good shower head. I do think a bit of upgrades should be done. Also the mirrors in the room it’s just weirdly placed, The plug in the bathroom also doesn’t support the hair dryer’s  plug.
  3. Would you stay here again?
    Again, Honestly. I cannot afford such luxury. dropping that much for a hotel stay is not within my budget as of the moment but if someone would host me again. I wouldn’t mind.
  4. How was the breakfast?
    I actually have my breakfast in the expo area so i have no comment about this. But I actually had dinner in Rice Restaurants in the lobby. It’s good but some where also a little bit dry or bland but maybe because the dinner was for the delegates so it’s buffet.

Overall staying in MBS is an experience of itself. You get to see the light show every night in a different point of view. You get to see the beauty of Singapore whenever you wake up. You get to experience different cuisines by the mall. You can also shop in the place from Charles and Keith to groceries at Cold Storage. There’s also a Casino in the hotel when you couldn’t sleep at night. Plus there’s an art museum and Garden’s by the bay within reach. It is surely a cruise like experience.

Also Thank You MBS for giving me this awesome notebook.



  • Teesh
    2 years ago

    I still have yet to stay in Marina Bay Sands even if I’ve been to Singapore a couple of times since it’s been built. I’d have to say I hope they renovate the rooms, too. It kinda sucks when the concierge says something and you arrive at the room and see something else. Lucky for you to get hosted! 🙂

    • wheresfrances
      2 years ago

      yeah, If it wasn’t for work, I won’t be able to stay in such well known hotel. But yeah I hope they renovate soon and have their service in better shape. Some people do split up the bill just to stay in a room there.

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