Beautiful Petra

Can I just say how this was in my Bucket list literally last 2016 and I just couldn’t believe I actually went there last December of 2017. Of course it’s for work but hey! I went there and it’s just all too surreal for me. 1st off, Let me start by telling you something about Petra that I learned from the internet because I was too busy tending to my group whilst being amazed and taking photos at the same time. 

What is Petra?

Petra also called the Rose City is the capital of Nabataean Kingdom, The city housed nomad arabs from the 4th Century. It also developed as a trading city that attracts their neighbors for their wealth. When you go there you will actually see Tombs, Houses and among others. Now the city is abandoned and open to tourist to roam around in.

The Treasury

Going to the treasury you’d need to walk for 30min and it’s all worth it. The magnificent view of the formations are just breath taking. You’d really enjoy just being there. Then when you finally get a peak of the treasury. Well excitement just seems to build up in you again.

If you don’t want to walk there is also an option of riding a carriage or a horse. Although it has additional charges.

Things I learned after Petra

  1. A kid with postcards might just gives you a random postcard and asks you for money. When I say give he just insist on giving it to you without anything in return or just simply slipping it by your arm so he’s not holding it anymore.
    This is usually his strategy and you now you have to pay for the postcard but Just give the post card back. This boy got me paying for postcards I didn’t even want. Lesson Learned.
  2. Check out the tours for Petra for safety and comfortability.
    If you’re girl traveling alone to Petra make sure to keep an eye on reputable travel agents or awesome guides. Just make sure you won’t get charmed along the way.
  3. Good running shoes, bottled water and a cap goes a long way.
    This is a very long walk. It’s always good to keep hydrated and comfy while you are here.
  4. The Guards by the Siq or other photographed people charges you.
    After taking photos of the guards they actually ask for tips. You don’t even have a chance to say no since you already took the photo. (Well I said no cuz I literally have no money with me unless they would take Philippine Peso as their tip.)

Well overall this place is beautiful. I would also like to visit it at night just when they had candle lit all over The Treasury during Monday and Thursday.Image result for the treasury at night





  • April
    1 year ago

    Ang ganda naman dito, Danica. Makapagipon nga para dito. ♡

    • wheresfrances
      1 year ago

      Ganda nga!! It was unforgettable talaga. one for the books and a must visit! hit me up kung gusto mo pumunta 🙂

  • April
    1 year ago

    Ang ganda naman dito, Danica. Makapagipon nga para dito. ♡

  • Teesh
    1 year ago

    Ang ganda, your job is so much fun! 🙂

    • wheresfrances
      1 year ago

      It is fun but tiring at the same time 🙂

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