Taichung in a Day

I’ve been to Taiwan so many times since I was a kid. I’d always visit my Angkong (Grandpa) and Ama (Grandma) all the time. But the thing is I barely see Taiwan. I was always crammed up in my relatives’ house in Linkou, which is an hour away from Taipei. That is why I decided to do a quick visit to Taiwan and see some sights that I don’t usually see whenever I visit. So I went to Taichung.

At 6 in the morning I had already gone out the door to start my adventure. My day started early since Taichung is actually 40min by HSR (High Speed Rail). I needed to be there on a specific time around 8am to meet up with the cab driver I booked to tour me around. I had actually checked if I could just go to places around taichung using buses and trains but it was too time consuming and complicated. Tourist areas around Taichung are pretty spread out so if you plan of having an efficient day tour in Taichung I recommend you booking a tour or a cab to get you around.

1st Stop: Rainbow Village

So first in my itinerary was the Rainbow Village. It was probably the cutest little village I’ve ever seen. There were drawings everywhere. The story behind it is about a guy who wanted to save the village from demolition so he drew drawings around the village. And guess what he succeeded they didn’t demolish the village and it’s still standing with beautiful colors until this day. He is actually there in the village. You could take a photo of him if you’d like.

The village is pretty crowded so it’s hard to take a photo with no people peeking in the background.

2nd Stop: Zhongshe Flower Farm

This is a flower farm that has a variety of flowers to take a photo with. There is also a barbecue where it’s all you can eat. I also have a bit of a mishap during this tour. I stepped into a mud I shouldn’t be stepping in and slipped so I had mud all over me the whole time and it was not pleasant at all. This caused me to cut my time here short since I was just covered in mud and wanted to freshen up and buy new clothes. But still this flower farm is beautiful and it’s a must visit here in Taichung. They also change the flowers depending on the season.

3rd Stop: Xinshe Castle

This is a European Styled Castle with European architecture. It’s really nice to take photos in but I wasn’t actually impressed since there’s nothing much to do other than taking photos around the area.

Final Verdict:

  • Taichung is a very instagramable place.
  • It’s better to get a tour, rent a car, rent a cab when going to this area.
  • Will definitely check out other places other than Taichung
  • Will definitely be back to take better photos.



  • April
    10 months ago

    Ang ganda naman dyan, Danica! Napakulay. Sarap sa mata. At parang nasa Europe ka na din dahil sa style ng castle, pero nasa Taiwan ka lang pala. Isang kembot lang sa pinas. Haha! ♡

    • wheresfrances
      10 months ago

      Hahaha muka ngang europe mas okay if madami kayo ppnta if magrent kayo hit me up my uncle also drive people around as part time.

  • Teesh
    10 months ago

    Ang ganda! I’ve never been to Taichung but I plan on it when I head back to Taiwan. <3

    • wheresfrances
      9 months ago

      it is and you should. It’s really nice!

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