The Pyramids of Giza

Honestly I feel like they’re the WAKANDA OF THE REAL WORLD many centuries ago.

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my entire life (as of the moment). I was just blown away by the history and architecture of the triangular building in the middle of the desert. Definitely one of the 7 wonders of the world.

You just can’t help to wonder how they made it. I’m actually the same size in height with one block and there’s a ton of blocks on top of each other. There are just so many mysteries and questions that even Egyptologist cant really answer. There are just a lot of theories.

Entrance Ticket to the Great Pyramid

That’s the main entrance to the pyramid long time ago. No not the small hole down there but the door above it. I just wonder how they would go all the way up the door. The tour guide did say that they use to have a slanting entrance all the way to the door. Oh yeah and the small hole is the tourist entrance inside the Pyramid. Sadly I didn’t get to go inside to explore.

This is me standing on the bottom of the pyramid just for comparison how big one rock is. I mean how would one carry such big block rock and put it on top of each other without any sort of 21st century contraption. Even that small block of rock i was covering was extremely heavy. 

Me and Mickey the Camel!


Things I got to know about the Pyramid:

  1. Pyramids are freakin awesome cool!
  2. The pyramids have been already there since before Christ. Like way way before. Which makes you really wonder how advance Egypt was then.
  3. People who used to work in the Pyramid are actually paid. The Egyptologist actually found the place where they reside and found some silver and gold as payment.
  4. The Pharoh’s tomb actually gets robed by tomb robbers before the explorers gets to it. So they don’t get that much.
  5. There are 3 main pyramids and they were covered in white limestones once.
  6. Also the room inside the pyramid is made of granite and what’s cool about it is that the granite came from Alexandria which is like 2 hours away from Cairo by car. Imagine transferring the granite by camels or by donkeys or by foot. Insane.
  7. They actually just discovered that the pyramid has a line in the middle and on either side of the line there’s a different temperature. Why? They don’t know why and how as of the moment.
  8. They have also just discovered a new room where an actual Boeing 777 can fit in. freakin big area and again they don’t know why.
  9. Another freakin crazy theory by our guide is that maybe for some whatever reason the Egyptian at that time knows how to do ANTI GRAVITY! Insane. I know! Like the only reasonable reason on how they built the pyramid. I’m telling you there’s some WAKANDA THINGS THAT HAPPENED!

After visiting The Great Pyramids. I am actually considering aliens for this. I would totally visit again and see more of Egypt’s culture in the old days. I won’t stay in Cairo for too long though, reason why is for another blog post.



  • Teesh
    11 months ago

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize the stones were THAT big. I imagined it to be way smaller to be honest. This post was fascinating. 😉

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