Hey, It’s Frances!

I’m a 20 something kid that wants to travel the world and wander beyond their streets. I am also travel agent that has a degree in multimedia. I’ve quit my old job as a web designer/ graphic artist to pursue something that I am passionate about in a work wise matter and that is traveling.

As a frustrated artist I couldn’t do much art as I wanted too in my recent work, I won’t have that much projects in form of design that I could work on. But in here I’ve found an outlet for my creativity and the best part of it is that I work for no one and I can do anything I want. I would usually post about my trips and tricks! I’d use different materials to show my story may it be photographs or videos.

This blog will contain more of my travels as a travel agent or just me as a curious human. I’ll be posting travel stories or tips I learned through traveling. Food is also one of the things i would love to talk about in this blog and other more random stuff that I might feel strongly about.

I also like challenging myself to post a better post than the previous one. Do note that I am still new and my post might be random. I might not have the same style consistently yet.

If you have any questions or you just want to simply say Hi! Don’t hesitate to email me at gofrancesdanica@gmail.com