Drip Cafe

I was always in a hunt for a new coffee shop since the Starbucks near my place seems to be always full. Then I heard about drip cafe from an instagram post of a friend of mine. So I quickly had a look if it’s near me and yes! it’s just a 5 min drive from my house. So I checked if this could be my new work place whenever Starbucks is full.

My First impression about the place was that it has a productive atmosphere. I like how they designed the place. It’s different from your usual coffee shop with the wooden cozy interior. The wall is white and it’s other main color is teal which is pretty cute. It also has big teal couches which are comfy and good study tables to concentrate in. It’s also not as noisy as starbucks and pretty chill where you can keep your space all to yourself. Also there’s free wifi! Continue reading “Drip Cafe”

Budget Boholing in a Day!

Yes, I know. I didn’t really get the 3k budget I want in Bohol, the pasalubong and van got me spending more that I wanted. So I’m gonna warn you now this budget trip that I’m writing about is more for the ones in a group. Because renting a van when you’re just alone is not really cheap. You can commute via bus, tricycles and habal habal.  Commuting in Bohol is pretty cheap: Tricycles range from Php20.00 – Php 40.00, Busses cost around Php 40.00 while habal habal varies from Php 30.00 – Php 40.00 Continue reading “Budget Boholing in a Day!”

Museum Cafe, Makati

Me and my friend Maryan is going to Thailand this coming June therefor planning our trip together was the main highlight of the evening. Maryan lives at the southern part of Metro Manila, Cavite. I’d like to call it a province but she firmly says it’s not. Meanwhile I live in the northern part of Metro Manila, Quezon City. So we’ve decided to meet halfway and we’ve decided on Makati. She found this Museum Cafe online and we’ve decided to meet there mainly because of the free wifi. Continue reading “Museum Cafe, Makati”

Holy Week in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the closest attraction near manila, For Only 2 hours you get to explore a whole new different place. It’s also where people want to freshen up since the weather there is suppose to be a little bit colder than manila.

Here’s a Video Diary I did for the trip.

We went to Tagaytay during Holy Week since that’s the only time everyone’s available. We still went even if we know the traffic we need to endure and the number of people that would be crowding the place. We still went because maybe it’s okay, Maybe we won’t get bored at the car because we have each other. And so our journey to begins. Continue reading “Holy Week in Tagaytay”