A bit about San Diego.

This place pretty much something you’d think you’ll only see in a movie. Every corner is a pretty site. Downtown was like an eye candy for a tourist like me but every city does have another side, the dark side *queue in starwars intro here, jk* , the side where it’s an eyesore but we all know it’s reality. Here in the place of Downtown, San Diego. Homeless people roam the streets, They are everywhere and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. It’s freezing and they live on the streets where there’s no warmth and food. I wish they’d be able to find happiness even from the smallest of things.


Well that took an emotional turn, Sand Diego is beautiful and fun. I wish I was able to explore more of it while I was there. There are a lot of things to do and places to see. I wanted to eat different foods and just immerse in the city. I feel like a solid week would be a sufficient time to explore around town and see what San Diego has to offer.


I’ll go back here for sure.




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  • Another night, another platter of cheese and meat. 
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  • Cant wait to go back and take more photos! 
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  • Been a while since i posted food here. This is um grape shaved ice with ube mochi and it’s bomb ❤️ #dessert #mochi #food #nom #food #sweets #shavedice
  • While watching mission impossible fall out cant help but realize that i’ve been to that exact spot where they were shooting and i can still remember where we walked to go to certain places. So here are some photos i took that i’ve not posted yet. See you again soon paris! #travel #tour #travelparis #paris #wander
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  • View of South Korea from NSeoul Tower. #southkorea #nseoul #skyline #travel #travelkorea
  • Khan Al Khalili. Literally Egypt’s Divisoria. Everything is made from china and hella cheap. Would’ve bought some stuff if the store owners weren’t so damn aggressive.
#egypt #egyptiansouvenirs #market #khalalkalili 
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  • Some photos from DisneySea last april! #disneysea #disneyjapan #disneykid #tokyodisney