An Awesome Stay at Hotel Zephyr

This hotel really added the charm of being in San Fransisco. It has a great interior, a good location and awesome amenities. There’s an entertainment room, business center and even a fire pit and many more. It’s a pretty chill and laid back place where people would enjoy to lounging around and just being in it. It’s also really close to the pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf and the trams/ busses you’d want to ride when you wanna go to Union Square and other more.

You could really tell that they really thought through the designs of the interior to have that industrial ocean feel. Honestly seeing the lobby from outside already won me over. The rooms are even better! This is my first to experience a room with it’s own keureg and fun games to play with.

And leaving the hotel was like a fairytale I never wanted to end. Living there while experiencing SF was awesome. I highly recommend it.

We don’t usually afford places like this, especially if we’re in a 1st world country but this was an exception. Mom won it over an online bidding website! and got it for a discounted price!




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