Bag of Beans

It’s been a long while since I talked about food. I was always too happy to eat i always forget to take a good photo first. It’s just I’m always hungry or too shy to take photos. Anyway me and my friends went to Tagaytay last holy week and we decided to get our mirienda here.

It’s a popular spot in Tagaytay and it’s also on the must eats when you’re in Tagaytay. Bag of Beans is a really classy cafe that most people would like. The athmosphere and ambiance is so calming and kinda romantic. It has a lot of greenery, technically its like a garden cafe and you can also go indoor if it’s too hot out. Although I prefer the garden more, it’s more serene and you’d really feel homy.

The Lanterns and the Decor gave it that special touch for the ambiance, If someone would ask me out here on a date. I’d immediately feel butterflies and say yes. (to the date, not to the guy.)


My friends and I decided to eat inside ( I know I just said the garden was where it’s at but damn it’s hot in Tagaytay!) We ordered our drinks and food. I wasn’t up to eating since I know we’ll be having bulalo later tonight so I just ordered a mocha latte. I chose hot mainly because I’m hoping there’s coffee art and that it comes with a cute mug. It was an okay mocha latte, nothing too different with what I used to do at home (brewed coffee/ swissmiss=awesome mocha drink)


My photo skills kinda suck so I’ll put in my friend’s photo of this below.  (He’s a wedding photographer so mine sucks compared to his)

Oh, and the other coffee is my friend’s coffee which I stole for camera purposes. It’s a Caramel Mocchiato and it seems decent and light.


Photo by GJ Esguerra, oh my god see how pulubi my shot is compared to him.

I took some bite of some of my friend’s food because I’m pulubi and mostly curious. They got some meat pies, which I’m not really into. and blueberry cheesecake which I am totally down for.


Blueberry Cheesecake

If you’re a creamy, milky soft kind of texture kind of guy, you’d love their cheesecake. It’s so creamy it’ll melt in your mouth. I bet you’d eat 3 of these or more.


Beef Mushroom Meat Pie ( I think, I’m not sure )

The Meat Pie is okay. I mean I’m not into it so I can’t really vouch for it. They say it’s good while I say it’s ulam and it’s not suppose to be in a bread. Pies are sweet not savory. lol. That’s just my opinion.

Joking aside we did enjoy our stay in Bags of Beans, I would come back for their atmosphere and cheesecake.




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