Drip Cafe

I was always in a hunt for a new coffee shop since the Starbucks near my place seems to be always full. Then I heard about drip cafe from an instagram post of a friend of mine. So I quickly had a look if it’s near me and yes! it’s just a 5 min drive from my house. So I checked if this could be my new work place whenever Starbucks is full.

My First impression about the place was that it has a productive atmosphere. I like how they designed the place. It’s different from your usual coffee shop with the wooden cozy interior. The wall is white and it’s other main color is teal which is pretty cute. It also has big teal couches which are comfy and good study tables to concentrate in. It’s also not as noisy as starbucks and pretty chill where you can keep your space all to yourself. Also there’s free wifi!

One of the first things i’ve ordered was hot mocha and red velvet cake. it was a good strong cup of hot mocha and the cake was also pretty good. It’s really moist and sweet. It’s also pretty instagramable too. They also bring a bottle of water up to your table.

I’ve probably spent most of my days here working on projects and have tried some of their meals. I’ve also tried some of their drinks but there’s not much to choose from.

Coffee and Cocoa

I’m very picky with my hot/cold chocolate and their’s doesn’t just suit my taste. I also noticed hot or cold their coffee is pretty strong so if you don’t like strong coffee I don’t think you’d like their coffee.

Personally I’m just okay with their Coffee it’s strong but not my everyday coffee. I would just drink it there when I need to finish something from work but I do miss my flavors in coffee. Yes, I like starbucks. Yes, I’m basic but it’s cheaper, bigger and sweet.

Food and Cakes

The cakes are good! The Red Velvet was moist and the Oreo Cheesecake was to die for! I did overheard that they get their cakes from purple oven but I can’t say if that’s a fact. The food tho is good! I love their lasagna it’s too cheesy for me to handle and I like their fries although it is a bit expensive. Their Tapa with egg and rice is good too plus you get a free coffee when you order a breakfast meal which is sulit!


At last the ambiance! It really hits the spot when you really just want to concentrate. It’s very peaceful and clean. I like how they’ve decorated the place. It’s quite chilly tho like most coffee shops. I recommend bringing a jacket with you.

Overall. I liked the place. I like working there, I like how I can eat real food when I’m hungry and having a bottle of cold water beside me. it’s a 3/5 cafe for me.



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